David C. Forman
David C Forman, the author of "Fearless HR," is the President of Sage Learning Systems and former Chief Learning Officer of The Human Capital Institute.  The courses he has developed and taught for HCI have been taken by thousands of HR professionals all over the world.  In 2002, David worked with SHRM and many influential thought leaders to create materials to support the GPHR certification program. 
Prior to these experiences, David spent 25 years in the training industry working with large global organizations to improve the knowledge, skills and performance of their people. Major clients include FedEx, IBM, DuPont, Microsoft, SAP, American Express, PwC, Ford, Prudential, Apple, Allstate Insurance and the University of Farmers.  In 1984, David had the unique opportunity to work with Apple on the release of the Macintosh; and several years later to help IBM streamline and cross-train over 22,000 manufacturing employees.
David has written more than 40 articles on talent management, analytics, strategic human resources, learning systems, high-performance cultures and leadership. He has also spoken at many national and global talent and leadership conferences.
After living in such diverse places as Santa Barbara, Lincoln (Nebraska), Boston, Teheran and St Louis; David and Linda now reside in San Diego.  Their sons, Christian and Andrew, live on the East Coast with their families. For more about David, view his LinkedIn profile.
"Fearless HR" is really a business book for HR professionals.  From my early years in the training business, I have always been working with companies to improve business performance.  And when I became President of Spectrum Interactive, I had the same orientation--how to leverage talent and improve processes.  Strategic HR and driving business results came naturally to me.

One of the truly unique experiences in my life was developing training for the release of the Macintosh in 1984.  It is a long time ago now, but I still remember meetings with all the key figures; and the product still amazes three decades later."